2930.19 Prosecutor to protect rights of victims.

(A) In a manner consistent with the duty of a prosecutor to represent the interests of the public as a whole, a prosecutor shall seek compliance with this chapter on behalf of a victim, a member of the victim's family, or the victim's representative.

(B) The failure of a public official or public agency to comply with the requirements of this chapter does not give rise to a claim for damages against that public official or public agency, except that a public agency as an employer may be held responsible for a violation of section 2930.18 of the Revised Code.

(C) The failure of any person or entity to provide a right, privilege, or notice to a victim under this chapter does not constitute grounds for declaring a mistrial or new trial, for setting aside a conviction, sentence, adjudication, or disposition, or for granting postconviction release to a defendant or alleged juvenile offender.

(D) If there is a conflict between a provision in this chapter and a specific statute governing the procedure in a case involving a capital offense, the specific statute supersedes the provision in this chapter.

(E) If the victim of a crime is incarcerated in a state or local correctional facility or is in the legal custody of the department of youth services, the victim's rights under this chapter may be modified by court order to prevent any security risk, hardship, or undue burden upon a public official or public agency with a duty under this chapter.

Effective Date: 11-22-1999.