2950.043 Notification of attorney general of delayed registration.

If an offender or delinquent child registers with a sheriff pursuant to section 2950.04 or 2950.041 of the Revised Code on or after December 1, 2007, if the offender or delinquent child previously has not registered under either section with that sheriff or any other sheriff, and if the offender or delinquent child was convicted of, pleaded guilty to, or was classified a juvenile offender registrant relative to the sexually oriented offense or child-victim oriented offense upon which the registration was based prior to December 1, 2007, as soon as practicable after the registration, the sheriff shall contact the attorney general, inform the attorney general of the registration, and forward to the attorney general in the manner specified in division (D) of section 2950.04 of the Revised Code all of the information and material specified in that division. Upon being informed of the registration and receiving the information and material, the attorney general shall comply with division (B) of section 2950.031 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 2007 SB10 07-01-2007.