2953.14 State may institute appeal.

Whenever a court superior to the trial court renders judgment adverse to the state in a criminal action or proceeding, the state, through either the prosecuting attorney or the attorney general, may institute an appeal to reverse such judgment in the next higher court. If the conviction was for a violation of a municipal ordinance, such appeal may be brought by the village solicitor, city director of law, or other chief legal officer of the municipal corporation. Like proceedings shall be had in the higher court at the hearing of the appeal as in the review of other criminal actions or proceedings. The clerk of the court rendering the judgment sought to be reversed, on application of the prosecuting attorney, attorney general, solicitor, director of law, or other chief legal officer shall make a transcript of the docket and journal entries in the action or proceeding, and transmit it with all papers and files in the action or proceeding to the higher court.

Effective Date: 03-17-1987.