301.07 Enforcing settlement.

If the board of county commissioners of an old county refuses or neglects, when called on, to settle with the board of a new county, and to give such board an order on its county treasurer for the amount found due such new county, the court of common pleas of the old county shall, upon the application of the board of the new county, proceed in a summary manner, upon notice, to compel the board of such old county to make settlement and give such order. Such court shall enforce any order it makes in the premises by attaching the persons of the commissioners of the old county until such order is complied with and the costs of the application are paid.

If there is no money in the county treasury of the old county to pay such order when presented, the treasurer of the old county shall pay the order from the first money received by him for county purposes.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.