302.04 Ballot language commissioners elected at large.

In submitting to the electors of any county the question of adopting an alternative form of county government whereby the entire board of county commissioners are elected at large, the board of elections shall submit the question in language substantially as follows:

"Shall the county of . . . . . . . . adopt the form of county government known as the county (name of plan) plan with a board of (number) county commissioners elected as provided for in sections 302.01 to 302.24, inclusive, of the Revised Code?

( ) For adoption of the county (name of plan) plan.

( ) Against adoption of the county (name of plan) plan."

At least forty-five days prior to the election thereon the board of county commissioners shall cause a copy of the alternative form to be distributed to each elector of the county so far as may be reasonably possible. Immediately following said election the board of elections shall file a certificate of the results thereof with the secretary of state.

Effective Date: 12-13-1967.