302.15 Elective executive plan.

In a county adopting the elective executive plan the chief executive officer shall be known as the county executive. The county executive shall be elected at the first regular county general election following the adoption of the alternative form and shall hold his office for a term of four years. Only an elector of the county shall be eligible for election as county executive and shall be nominated and elected in the manner provided by general law for county officers.

In case the office of county executive is or becomes vacant by reason of death, resignation, or removal, it shall be filled by the board of county commissioners for the unexpired term.

In the elective executive plan, the salary of the first county executive, for his first term, shall be one hundred and sixty per cent of that established by section 325.10 of the Revised Code for a member of the board of county commissioners in the county. For all subsequent county executives and terms, the salary shall be fixed by the board of county commissioners one year prior to the county executive's term of office.

Effective Date: 07-02-1967.