305.11 Signing of record.

Immediately upon the opening of each day's session of the board of county commissioners, the records of the proceedings of the session of the previous day shall be read, or provided to each commissioner in written form, by the clerk of the board and, if correct, approved and signed by the commissioners. In the alternative, if the clerk maintains the full record of the proceedings by electronic means as authorized by division (B) of section 305.10 of the Revised Code, the board shall orally approve the electronic record of proceedings at the previous meeting after the clerk certifies that the entire record of the proceedings at that meeting is completely and accurately captured in the electronic record of those proceedings. When the board is not in session, the record of proceedings shall be kept in the county auditor's office or, if the county has a full-time clerk, in the county commissioners' office, open at all proper times to public inspection. It shall be certified by the president and clerk of the board and shall be received as evidence in every court in the state.

Effective Date: 10-27-1981; 09-21-2006; 2008 SB84 07-18-2008 .