306.31 Creating regional transit authority.

A regional transit authority may be created in the manner provided in section 306.32 of the Revised Code, for any one or more of the following purposes: acquiring, constructing, operating, maintaining, replacing, improving, and extending transit facilities; controlling and administering the public utilities franchise of such transit facilities; entering into and supervising franchise agreements; accepting assignment of and then supervising an existing franchise agreement; and accepting assignment of and exercising a right to purchase a transit system in accordance with the acquisition terms of an existing franchise agreement. A regional transit authority so created is a political subdivision of the state and a body corporate with all the powers of a corporation, comprised of the territory of one, or two or more counties, municipal corporations, townships, or any combination thereof, provided, that each county, municipal corporation, or township included within a regional transit authority shall be a county which is, or be located in a county which is or is contiguous to a county which is, or in which a municipal corporation or township is located which is, included in such regional transit authority.

Effective Date: 08-25-1970.