307.54 Registry and redemption of bonds.

All bonds issued by the board of county commissioners shall be correctly numbered in the order in which issued, and registered by the county auditor in a book provided by him and kept in his office. All warrants drawn upon the county treasurer for the payment of the principal and interest on such bonds shall specify the fund on which they are drawn. Upon delivering to the holder of any such bond a warrant upon the treasurer for its redemption, the auditor shall receive the bond and write across the face of it, in red ink, the word "Redeemed," with the proper date, and sign his name. Upon receiving the warrant which contains the number of the bond for the redemption of which it is drawn, the treasurer shall proceed to the office of the auditor, and there, in the presence of the auditor, write, in red ink, across the registry of the bond, the word "Redeemed," with the proper date, and sign his name. The auditor shall then deliver to the treasurer the original bond, for which he shall be credited in his semiannual settlements with the auditor and board of county commissioners.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.