307.627 Accessing confidential information.

(A) Notwithstanding section 3701.243 and any other section of the Revised Code pertaining to confidentiality, any individual; public children services agency, private child placing agency, or agency that provides services specifically to individuals or families; law enforcement agency; or other public or private entity that provided services to a child whose death is being reviewed by a child fatality review board, on the request of the review board, shall submit to the review board a summary sheet of information. With respect to a request made to a health care entity, the summary sheet shall contain only information available and reasonably drawn from the child's medical record created by the health care entity. With respect to a request made to any other individual or entity, the summary shall contain only information available and reasonably drawn from any record involving the child that the individual or entity develops in the normal course of business. On the request of the review board, an individual or entity may, at the individual or entity's discretion, make any additional information, documents, or reports available to the review board. For purposes of the review, the review board shall have access to confidential information provided to the review board under this division or division (H)(4) of section 2151.421 of the Revised Code, and each member of the review board shall preserve the confidentiality of that information.

(B) Notwithstanding division (A) of this section, no person, entity, law enforcement agency, or prosecuting attorney shall provide any information regarding the death of a child to a child fatality review board while an investigation of the death or prosecution of a person for causing the death is pending unless the prosecuting attorney has agreed pursuant to section 307.625 of the Revised Code to allow review of the death.

Effective Date: 10-05-2000