307.64 Appropriating moneys from tax levies for economic development.

The board of county commissioners of any county may appropriate moneys derived from a tax levied pursuant to division (EE) of section 5705.19 of the Revised Code to be expended by the county for the creation and operation of an office or joint office of economic development pursuant to section 307.07 of the Revised Code, for any economic development purpose of the office or joint office, and to otherwise provide for the establishment and operation of a program of economic development. A board of county commissioners may appropriate funds under this section to pay expenses of a county land reutilization corporation organized under Chapter 1724. of the Revised Code if the board finds that the purposes of the expenses promote economic development in the county. As used in this section, "economic development" means promoting the economic welfare and improving the economic opportunities of the people in the county or in the counties participating in a joint office of economic development by assisting in the establishment or expansion within the county or counties of industrial, commercial, or research facilities and by creating and preserving job and employment opportunities for the people of the county or counties.

Effective Date: 10-30-1989; 2008 SB353 04-07-2009 .