307.71 Adoption of curfew.

(A) Whenever the adoption of a curfew for persons under eighteen years of age is deemed necessary by the board of county commissioners for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety in any of the unincorporated areas of such county, the board of county commissioners may adopt a resolution setting forth the provisions of such curfew and the necessity for such curfew together with a statement of the reasons for such necessity, and providing for its enforcement within such unincorporated areas of the county. Upon adoption of the resolution by a majority of the commissioners, the resolution shall become effective immediately.

(B) Any person under the age of eighteen years who violates the provisions of a curfew adopted in accordance with division (A) of this section shall be apprehended and charged as being an unruly child and taken before the juvenile court in the county in which the violation occurred as provided in Chapter 2151. of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 06-23-1970.