309.07 Appointment of secret service officer.

The prosecuting attorney may appoint secret service officers whose duty it shall be to aid him in the collection and discovery of evidence to be used in the trial of criminal cases and matters of a criminal nature. Such appointment shall be made for such term as the prosecuting attorney deems advisable, and subject to termination at any time by such prosecuting attorney. The compensation of said officers shall be fixed by the judge of the court of common pleas, or, if there is more than one judge, such compensation shall be fixed by the judges of such court in joint session, and shall not be less than one hundred twenty-five dollars per month for the time actually occupied in such service nor more than seventy-five per cent of the salary of the prosecuting attorney for a year. Such salary shall be payable monthly, out of the county fund, upon the warrant of the county auditor.

Effective Date: 10-24-1969.