3109.58 Pending proceedings may preclude creation of power of attorney.

(A) As used in this section, "temporary custody," "permanent custody," and "planned permanent living arrangement" have the same meanings as in section 2151.011 of the Revised Code.

(B) A power of attorney created pursuant to section 3109.52 of the Revised Code may not be executed with respect to a child while any of the following proceedings are pending regarding the child:

(1) A proceeding for the appointment of a guardian for, or the adoption of, the child;

(2) A juvenile proceeding in which one of the following applies:

(a) The temporary, permanent, or legal custody of the child or the placement of the child in a planned permanent living arrangement has been requested.

(b) The child is the subject of an ex parte emergency custody order issued under division (D) of section 2151.31 of the Revised Code, and no hearing has yet been held regarding the child under division (A) of section 2151.314 of the Revised Code.

(c) The child is the subject of a temporary custody order issued under section 2151.33 of the Revised Code.

(3) A proceeding for divorce, dissolution, legal separation, annulment, or allocation of parental rights and responsibilities regarding the child.

Effective Date: 07-20-2004 .