3119.351 Contents of notice of medical support enforcement activity.

The notice of medical support enforcement activity shall contain all of the following:

(A) The date on which it is sent;

(B) A statement that the person has been designated as a person required to provide health insurance coverage for children who are the subject of a child support order;

(C) A statement that a national medical support notice has been sent to the person's employer;

(D) A statement of the purpose of the national medical support notice, of what it will require of the person's employer and any applicable health plan administrator, and that amounts will be withheld from the person's income to pay for health insurance for the children;

(E) A statement of the person's right to contest the national medical support notice through mistake of fact proceedings;

(F) An explanation of the mistake of fact proceedings available to the person and the actions the person must take to pursue those proceedings.

Effective Date: 12-13-2002 .