3119.81 Ordering investigation prior to issuing certain notices.

In proceedings involving a court child support order, the court, before the conclusion of any hearings held with respect to the proceedings, shall order the child support enforcement agency to conduct an investigation pursuant to section 3123.02 of the Revised Code if no withholding or deduction order or notice or order to seek employment, participate in a work activity, or enter into a cash bond to collect support under the court support order has been issued or the court determines that any such order or notice previously issued is no longer appropriate for collection of support under the order.

On the filing of the agency's findings after completion of the investigation, the court, as necessary, shall issue one or more notices or one or more court orders described in section 3121.03 of the Revised Code or modify any such notices or court orders previously issued.

Effective Date: 03-22-2001 .