3123.182 Obtaining execution on certified pay-off statement.

During the period a certified pay-off statement issued under section 3123.181 of the Revised Code is valid, the obligee under the support order for which the statement was issued, or a child support enforcement agency on behalf of the obligee, may bring an action to obtain execution on the certified pay-off statement in the common pleas court that issued the support order or, if the order is an administrative child support order, the common pleas court of the county served by the agency that issued the order. The court shall treat the certified pay-off statement as a rebuttable presumption of the amount of the judgment. The court shall not require the reduction of unpaid support payments and installments or arrearages under the support order for which the certified pay-off statement applies to a lump sum for purposes of execution.

Effective Date: 12-31-2002 .