3123.956 Notifying obligor.

The office of child support shall send notice to each obligor whose name was submitted to be displayed on the poster created by the office. The notice shall be sent by regular mail to the obligor's last known address and shall state that the obligor may avoid being included on the poster by doing all of the following within ninety days after receipt of the notice:

(A) Make a payment to the office of child support or, pursuant to sections 3125.27 to 3125.30 of the Revised Code, to the child support enforcement agency that is at least equal to the amount of support the obligor is required to pay each month under the support order;

(B) Provide the child support enforcement agency with the obligor's current address;

(C) Provide the agency with evidence from each of the obligor's current employers of the obligor's current wages, salary, and other compensation;

(D) Provide the agency with evidence that the obligor has arranged for withholding from the obligor's wages, salary, or other compensation to pay support and for payment of arrearages.

Effective Date: 03-22-2001 .