315.10 County maintenance engineer.

The county engineer may designate one of his deputies as county maintenance engineer. Such deputy shall be a person experienced in the maintenance and repair of roads, and he shall, acting under the general direction and supervision of the engineer, have charge of all road maintenance and repair work carried forward under the supervision of the engineer.

The engineer, when authorized by the board of county commissioners, shall appoint maintenance supervisors to have charge of the maintenance of improved highways within districts established by the board and engineer and containing not less than ten miles of improved county roads. The supervisor shall act under the direction of the engineer, and the engineer, when authorized by the board, shall establish a patrol or gang system of maintenance under the direct charge of such supervisors. The compensation of such supervisors shall be fixed upon a per diem basis by the board, and shall be paid out of the road repair or county road fund, upon the approval of the engineer.

Effective Date: 10-27-1981.