315.13 Emergency repairs - county engineer's emergency repair fund.

The county engineer shall make all emergency repairs on all roads, bridges, and culverts in the county, including state highways, and shall keep on hand at all times a supply of material for the purposes of making such repairs. Upon report to the engineer of any road or bridge in the county needing immediate attention, such engineer shall, if he deems it an emergency repair, proceed at once to make such repair by force account, without preparing plans, specifications, estimates of cost, or forms of contract.

The board of county commissioners may appropriate a sum of money each year sufficient to enable the county engineer to carry out this section. Such sum shall constitute the "county engineer's emergency repair fund." All expenses incurred in employing extra help or in purchasing materials used in such repairs shall be paid from such fund on vouchers signed by the engineer.

Necessary repairs, the total cost of which is not more than five thousand dollars, shall be deemed as necessary for emergency repairs.

Effective Date: 10-27-1981.