317.27 Certified copy of record.

On demand and tender of the proper fees, the county recorder shall furnish to any person an accurate, certified copy of any record in the recorder's office other than a record of discharge under section 317.24 of the Revised Code, and affix the recorder's official seal thereto. The recorder shall issue, without charge, upon the request of an authorized party, as defined in section 317.24 of the Revised Code or a person other than an authorized party as defined in that section, one certified copy or one certified photostatic copy of the recorded record of discharge under that section, with the official seal of the county recorder affixed thereto.

Any certified copy of any record, document, or map and any transcription of records, required or permitted to be made by the recorder, may be made by any method provided for the making of records.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953; 2008 SB248 04-07-2009 .