317.30 Records affecting real estate - restoration.

When any of the records of a county are destroyed in whole or in part, a map, plat, deed, conveyance, mortgage, power of attorney, or other instrument in writing, or record in any proceeding authorized by law to be recorded, which affects real estate in the county, or the continuing rights of parties to such record, and of which the original or exemplification thereof has been recorded, such original, or exemplification, or a certified copy of the former record may be recorded in the proper office for it. In re-recording it, the officer shall record the certificate of the previous record with date of filing for record appearing on the original or certified certificate so recorded, which shall be held as the date of the recording of the instrument to which it is attached. Certified copies of records authorized by this section to be made shall have the same force and effect as evidence as certified copies of the original record.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.