317.37 Separate instrument under RC 5301.28 et seq. defined.

As used in sections 5301.28 to 5301.35 of the Revised Code, "separate instrument" means either the recording of an entirely new instrument or a written and signed entry on the margin of the original instrument bearing the proper endorsement that is recorded distinct and apart from the original instrument of record. For instruments that convey or affect an interest in crude oil or natural gas, such as a lease, assignment, easement, lien, or right-of-way, in a county in which the county recorder requires an assignment, release, partial release, satisfaction, cancellation, or waiver of priority to be made by separate instrument, the county recorder does not have the power to limit the number of assignments, releases, partial releases, satisfactions, cancellations, or waivers of priority that may be executed and recorded by means of a single instrument.

Effective Date: 2008 HB525 07-01-2009.