319.63 Payment to treasurer of housing trust fund fees.

(A) During the first thirty days of each calendar quarter, the county auditor shall pay to the treasurer of state all amounts that the county recorder collected as housing trust fund fees pursuant to section 317.36 of the Revised Code during the previous calendar quarter. If payment is made to the treasurer of state within the first thirty days of the quarter, the county auditor may retain an administrative fee of one per cent of the amount of the trust fund fees collected during the previous calendar quarter.

(B) The treasurer of state shall deposit the first fifty million dollars of housing trust fund fees received each year pursuant to this section into the low- and moderate-income housing trust fund, created under section 174.02 of the Revised Code, and shall deposit any amounts received each year in excess of fifty million dollars into the state general revenue fund.

(C) The county auditor shall deposit the administrative fee that the auditor is permitted to retain pursuant to division (A) of this section into the county general fund for the county recorder to use in administering the trust fund fee.

Effective Date: 08-01-2003; 07-01-2005