321.02 Bond of county treasurer - oath.

Before entering upon the duties of his office, the county treasurer shall give bond to the state in such sum as the board of county commissioners directs, with a company authorized to conduct a surety business in this state as surety, to be approved by the board and conditioned for the payment of all moneys which come into his hands for state, county, township, or other purposes. The expense or premium for such bond shall be paid by the board and charged to the general fund of the county. Such bond, with the oath of office required by section 7 of Article XV, Ohio Constitution, and sections 3.22 and 3.23 of the Revised Code and the approval of the board indorsed on it, shall be deposited with the county auditor and by him carefully preserved in his office. Such bond shall be entered in full on the record of the proceedings of the board on the day when accepted and approved by it.

When, in the opinion of a majority of the members of the board, the surety has become insufficient, such board may require the treasurer to give additional sureties on his previously accepted bond. When in its opinion more money has passed or is about to pass into the hands of the treasurer than is or would be covered by his bond, the board may demand and receive from such treasurer an additional bond, payable and conditioned as required for the original bond, with such sureties and in such sum as it directs. If a treasurer fails or refuses to give such additional sureties or bond for ten days from the day on which the board so requires, his office shall be vacant and another treasurer appointed as in other cases of vacancy.

If a person elected to the office of treasurer fails to give bond as provided in this section, on or before the day of the commencement of his official term, the office shall become vacant.

Effective Date: 06-28-1984.