325.07 Monthly allowance to sheriff - monthly report to board.

In addition to the compensation and salary provided by section 325.06 of the Revised Code, the board of county commissioners shall make allowances monthly to each sheriff for his actual and necessary expenses incurred and expended in pursuing within or without the state or transporting persons accused or convicted of crimes and offenses, for any expenses incurred in conveying and transferring persons to or from any state hospital for the mentally ill, any institution for the mentally retarded, any institution operated by the youth commission, children's homes, county homes, and all similar institutions, and for all expenses of maintaining transportation facilities necessary to the proper administration of the duties of his office.

The board shall allow the sheriff his actual transportation expense and telephone tolls expended in serving civil processes and subpoenaing witnesses in civil and criminal cases and before the grand jury, and it may allow any other necessary transportation expense for the proper administration of the duties of his office. Each sheriff shall file under oath a monthly report containing a full, accurate, and itemized account of all his actual and necessary expenses, including telephone tolls and any other transportation expense mentioned in this section, before the expense is allowed by the board. The statement shall show the number of the case, the court in which the service was rendered, and the point from which a transportation vehicle was used.

For the purpose of making available to the sheriff funds necessary in the performance of the duties required of him under this section, the board may authorize, as an advancement to the sheriff, a sum not exceeding fifty per cent of his annual salary, from appropriations made to him by the board for pursuing prisoners within or without the state or for transporting the prisoners to correctional institutions, or both, and for transporting persons to the institutions enumerated in this section, from which sum of money so advanced the necessary expenses for the transportation or pursuance may be paid by the sheriff. The county auditor shall draw his warrant upon the county treasurer, in favor of the sheriff, as authorized by the board.

After the itemized monthly report provided for in this section has been filed by the sheriff and approved and allowed by the board, the board shall restore to the fund the amount expended and disbursed by the sheriff, as approved and allowed by the board.

Any unexpended balance of such fund remaining in the hands of the sheriff, at the end of each succeeding fiscal year, shall be returned and paid into the county treasury by the sheriff.

Effective Date: 10-06-1994