3301.0720 Recommendations to school districts for teaching secondary school sciences.

The state board of education shall recommend all of the following to school districts in connection with the teaching of secondary school sciences:

(A) A suggested curriculum for the teaching of chemistry, physics, biology, and whatever additional sciences the state board may select;

(B) Lists of minimum supplies and equipment necessary for the teaching of each science for which a curriculum is suggested under division (A) of this section, with special emphasis on recommended safety equipment;

(C) Acquisition and replacement schedules for the supplies and equipment listed under division (B) of this section. The schedules shall ensure availability of at least minimum inventories in every high school.

(D) Suggested safety procedures, including all of the following:

(1) Training for students and teachers in the safe handling and use of hazardous and potentially hazardous materials and equipment;

(2) Methods of safely storing and disposing of hazardous and potentially hazardous materials;

(3) Provisions for a biennial assessment of each high school's safety equipment and procedures by someone other than the school personnel directly responsible for them, and recommended procedures for making the results of any assessment available to the public.

Effective Date: 06-03-1992.