3301.921 [Repealed Effective 9/29/2015] Council duties.

The healthy choices for healthy children council shall do all of the following:

(A) Monitor progress in improving student health and wellness;

(B) Make periodic policy recommendations to the state board of education regarding ways to improve the nutritional standards for food and beverages prescribed by sections 3313.816 and 3313.817 of the Revised Code. If, on or after September 17, 2010, the United States department of agriculture adopts regulations for the sale of food or beverages in schools, the council, within sixty days after their adoption, shall review the regulations and, based on that review, make recommendations for changes to the nutritional standards prescribed by those sections.

(C) Make periodic recommendations to the department of education for the development of a clearinghouse of best practices in the areas of student nutrition, physical activity for students, and body mass index screenings;

(D) Assist the department of health in developing a list of resources regarding health risks associated with weight status for distribution to parents and guardians under division (E) of section 3313.674 of the Revised Code;

(E) Regularly review developments in science and nutrition to ensure the council remains informed for purposes of making recommendations under divisions (B) and (C) of this section.

Repealed by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 64, §105.01, eff. 9/29/2015.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.28, HB 153, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2011.

Added by 128th General AssemblyFile No.49, SB 210, §1, eff. 9/17/2010.