3304.11 Rehabilitation definitions.

As used in sections 3304.11 to 3304.27 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Person with a disability" means any person with a physical or mental impairment that is a substantial impediment to employment who can benefit in terms of an employment outcome from the provision of vocational rehabilitation services .

(B) "Physical or mental impairment" means a physical or mental condition that materially limits, contributes to limiting or, if not corrected, will probably result in limiting a person's activities or functioning.

(C) "Substantial impediment to employment" means a physical or mental disability that impedes a person's occupational performance, by preventing the person's obtaining, retaining, or preparing for a gainful occupation consistent with the person's capacities and abilities.

(D) "Vocational rehabilitation" and "vocational rehabilitation services" means any activity or service calculated to enable a person with a disability or groups of persons with disabilities to engage in gainful occupation and includes, but is not limited to, medical and vocational evaluation, including diagnostic and related services, vocational counseling, guidance and placement, including follow-up services, rehabilitation training, including books and other training materials, physical restoration, recruitment and training services designed to provide persons with disabilities new employment opportunities, maintenance, occupational tools, equipment, supplies, transportation, services to families of persons with disabilities that contribute substantially to the rehabilitation of these persons, and any other goods or service necessary to render a person with a disability employable.

(E) "Establishment of a rehabilitation facility" means the expansion, remodeling, or alteration of an existing building that is necessary to adapt or to increase the effectiveness of that building for rehabilitation facility purposes, the acquisition of equipment for these purposes, and the initial staffing.

(F) "Construction" means the construction of new buildings, acquisition of land or existing buildings and their expansion, remodeling, alteration and renovation, and the initial staffing and equipment of any new, newly acquired, expanded, remodeled, altered, or renovated buildings.

(G) "Physical restoration services" means those services that are necessary to correct or substantially modify within a reasonable period of time a physical or mental condition that is stable or slowly progressive.

(H) "Occupational license" means any license, permit, or other written authority required by any governmental unit in order to engage in any occupation or business.

(I) "Maintenance" means money payments to persons with disabilities who need financial assistance for their subsistence during their vocational rehabilitation.

Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 25, HB 59, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2013.

Effective Date: 09-09-1970 .