3307.44 Waiver of rights.

(A) Any person who is receiving an allowance, as defined in section 3307.50 of the Revised Code, benefit, or increase under this chapter may, at any time, waive the person's rights thereto, or to a portion thereof, by filing a written notice of waiver with the state teachers retirement board. Except as provided in division (B) of this section, such waiver shall remain in effect until the first day of the month following the person's death or the filing of the person's written cancellation of such waiver with the board. Any amount so waived shall forever be forfeited.

(B) If a beneficiary waives in writing all claim to any benefits under this chapter prior to receipt of the first benefit, the waiver shall put into effect the succession of beneficiaries as provided in division (C) of section 3307.562 of the Revised Code and shall be irrevocable.

Effective Date: 07-13-2000.