3309.30 Service credit.

For service subsequent to June 30, 1955, the retirement board shall credit a year of service credit to any member employed on a full-time basis for nine or more months of service within a year. For contributing and prior service before July 1, 1955 only eight or more months of service on a full-time basis within a year will be necessary for a year of service credit. Effective July 1, 1977, full-time service is defined as one hundred twenty or more days of school service during the school year. If less than one hundred twenty days, such service shall be prorated on the basis of one hundred eighty days. The board shall adopt rules as necessary to carry out the intent of this section. The board shall credit not more than one year for all service rendered in any year. Where a member is also a member of the state teachers retirement system, the public employees retirement system, or both, then at retirement, other than retirement on a combined bases as provided in section 3309.35 of the Revised Code or as provided in section 3309.343 of the Revised Code, adjustment shall be made so that service credit for any period shall be credited on the basis of the ratio that contributions to the school employees retirement system bears to the total contributions in all the retirement systems during that period.

Effective Date: 09-14-2000 .