331.04 Duties of board.

The county facilities review board, by personal visitation or otherwise, shall keep fully advised of the condition and management of all charitable or correctional institutions supported in whole or in part by county or municipal taxation, or which are under county or municipal control, and especially the county home, county jail, municipal prisons, and children's home. From time to time the county facilities review board shall recommend to the board of county commissioners and to other officials responsible for such institutions, such changes and additional provisions as the county facilities review board considers essential for the economical and efficient administration of the institutions. At least once in every three months each of such institutions shall be visited by the county facilities review board or a committee of its members. Failure in the performance of these duties on the part of any member of the county facilities review board for one year shall be sufficient cause for his removal by the judge of the probate court.

Effective Date: 09-04-1985.