3311.061 Intent of Senate Bill 298 amendment.

The general assembly recognizes that the citizens of this state consider public education to be one of the most important functions of both state and local government and that the matter of school district boundaries is of great concern to them, as it is to school officials and the general assembly. The general assembly also recognizes that, as the result of state law dealing with the transfer of school district territory following municipal annexation, a great deal of uncertainty has arisen, particularly in the state's larger urban areas, over whether particular school district boundaries will be subject to extensive change in the future. This uncertainty has been particularly stressful for families of school age children and has hindered the ability of school officials in the affected districts to plan for the future. Finally, the general assembly recognizes that a lasting solution, fair to all of the school children, families, and school districts affected, can best be achieved through a cooperative effort involving school district officials, board of education members, and legislators. It is the intent of the general assembly by the amendments to section 3311.06 of the Revised Code made in Substitute Senate Bill No.298 of the 116th general assembly to provide a mechanism whereby urban area school officials and boards of education that are willing to work together to establish cooperative education programs for the benefit of the school children in their districts may, through a process of negotiation and compromise, jointly resolve some of the issues related to the treatment of school territory annexed for municipal purposes.

Effective Date: 09-24-1986.