3311.218 Sharing use of facilities, equipment or funds.

The board of education of a joint vocational school district may enter into a written agreement with the board of trustees of any technical college district, the boundaries of which are coterminous with such joint vocational school district, which agreement may provide for the sharing of use of any physical facility or equipment owned or used by either district. Such agreement may further provide that the joint vocational school district may contribute a portion of its funds for current operating expenses, regardless of whether such funds are derived from a tax levy or otherwise, to the technical college district to be expended by the technical college district for any lawful purpose. The agreement shall require the approval by resolution of both boards and shall be executed by the president and treasurer of both boards. A copy of such agreement shall be filed with the board of regents and a copy shall be filed with the state board of education.

Effective Date: 05-16-1979.