3311.75 Funds kept separate - purchases.

(A) A board of education appointed by the mayor pursuant to division (B) or (F) of section 3311.71 of the Revised Code shall have no right, title, or interest in the funds or property of any municipal corporation. The budgets of the municipal school district and the municipal corporation shall be estimated, planned, and financed separately. At no time shall any funds of the school district and the municipal corporation be commingled in any manner and all school district funds and accounts shall be maintained and accounted for totally independently of any funds and accounts of the municipal corporation.

(B) The board of a municipal school district shall adopt and follow procedures for the award of all contracts for supplies or services involving the expenditure of fifty thousand dollars or more in any one fiscal year after a competitive bid or request for proposal process. This division is supplemental to section 3313.46 of the Revised Code. This division does not apply to contracts of employment or to contracts for professional services; to contracts for the security and protection of school property; in cases of urgent necessity as determined by two-thirds vote of the board; or in any of the situations described in division (B) of section 3313.46 of the Revised Code to which the bid process of division (A) of that section does not apply.

Effective Date: 11-12-1997.