3313.31 Treasurer to perform all duties relating to moneys.

(A) All the duties and obligations of the county auditor, county treasurer, or other officer or person relating to the moneys of a school district shall be complied with by dealing with the treasurer of the board of education thereof. The treasurer shall be the chief fiscal officer of the school district, shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the district, and shall report to and is subject to the direction of the district board of education. Except as otherwise required by law, no treasurer shall be required to verify the accuracy of nonfinancial information or data of the school district.

(B) Notwithstanding any provision of the Revised Code to the contrary, but subject to section 3319.40 of the Revised Code, in all school districts and educational service centers, the treasurer shall direct and assign employees directly engaged in the day-to-day fiscal operations of the district or service center, as those employees are so designated by the board of the district or service center.

Effective Date: 11-02-1999; 03-30-2007; 2008 HB428 09-12-2008 .