3313.36 Acceptance of bequests, gifts, or endowments.

(A) By the adoption of a resolution, a board of education may accept any bequest made to it by will or may accept any gift or endowment upon the conditions and stipulations contained in the will or connected with the gift or endowment. For the purpose of enabling the board to carry out the conditions and limitations upon which a bequest, gift, or endowment is made, it may make all rules required to fully carry them into effect. No such bequest, gift, or endowment shall be accepted by the board if the conditions remove any portion of the public schools from the control of the board.

(B) By the adoption of a resolution, a board may direct the school district treasurer to pay the proceeds of any bequest, gift, or endowment given to the district for the education foundation fund or given without conditions or limitations into the education foundation fund established by section 3315.40 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 06-13-1990.