3313.43 Dedication of school lands for street purposes - certificate of dedication.

When the board of education of any school district owns or holds lands for school purposes and said lands are not accessible by reason of the want of any street or public highway leading thereto and it becomes necessary that streets and highways be dedicated and opened for the purpose of making such lands accessible and available for the public use, and in so doing it becomes necessary to use and occupy part of said school lands for street or highway purposes, such board may, by resolution, authorize that a true map or plat of said lands be made by a competent engineer, delineating thereon the proposed streets or highways, and shall authorize the president and treasurer of the board to execute and acknowledge thereon a certificate of dedication of such lands as are embraced therein as streets and highways, for the use of the general public as such. The legislative authority of any municipal corporation, within which such lands are situated may, by ordinance, accept such lands so dedicated as public streets, and the same shall thereafter be under the control and supervision of such legislative authority as streets and highways.

Effective Date: 01-16-1980.