3314.01 Creation of community school - general powers.


(1) A board of education may permit all or part of any of the schools under its control, upon request of a proposing person or group and provided the person or group meets the requirements of this chapter, to become a community school.

(2) Any person or group of individuals may propose the creation of a community school pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. No nonpublic chartered or nonchartered school in existence on January 1, 1997, is eligible to become a community school under this chapter.

(B) A community school created under this chapter is a public school, independent of any school district, and is part of the state's program of education. A community school may sue and be sued, acquire facilities as needed, contract for any services necessary for the operation of the school, and enter into contracts with a sponsor pursuant to this chapter. The governing authority of a community school may carry out any act and ensure the performance of any function that is in compliance with the Ohio Constitution, this chapter, other statutes applicable to community schools, and the contract entered into under this chapter establishing the school.

Effective Date: 07-01-1998.