3315.10 Management and control of property held in trust for educational purposes.

The custody, management, and administration of all estates or funds, given or transferred in trust to any municipal corporation for the promotion of education, and accepted by the council thereof, and any institution for the promotion of education so founded, other than a university, shall be committed to, and exercised by, the board of education of the school district including such municipal corporation. Such board shall be the representative and trustee of such municipal corporation in the management and control of such estates and funds so held in trust and in the administration of such institution, excepting funds and estates held by any municipal corporation which are used to maintain a university. For the uses and purposes of such board in administering the trusts, the council of such municipal corporation annually may levy taxes on all the taxable property of such municipal corporation to the amount of three tenths of one mill on the dollar valuation thereof.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.