3315.30 Apportionment when county line divides an original surveyed township.

When an original surveyed township or fractional township is situated in two or more counties, and the land granted thereto by congress for the support of public schools has been sold, the county auditor of the county to whose treasurer the interest on the proceeds of such sale is paid must apportion such interest to the counties in which such township is situated in proportion to the youth of the township enumerated in each. Such auditor shall certify to the auditor of each of the other counties the amount so ascertained to belong to the part of the township situated in his county, and transmit to the county treasurer of each such county an order on the treasurer of his own county for such amount. The auditor of each county shall apportion the amount of such interest belonging to the part of the township in his county, to the districts or parts of districts entitled thereto as is provided for the apportionment of the state common school funds.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.