3318.062 Form of ballot where bonds are to be issued in multiple series - combination with other questions.

(A) If authority is sought to issue bonds in more than one series to pay the school district's portion of the basic project cost under sections 3318.01 to 3318.20 of the Revised Code, the form of the ballot shall be:

"Shall bonds be issued by the ........ (here insert name of school district) school district to pay the local share of school construction under the State of Ohio Classroom Facilities Assistance Program in the total principal amount of ........ (total principal amount of the bond issue), to be issued in ........ (number of series) series, each series to be repaid annually over not more than ........ (maximum number of years over which the principal of each series may be paid) years, and an annual levy of property taxes be made outside the ten-mill limitation to pay the annual debt charges on the bonds and on any notes issued in anticipation of the bonds, at a rate estimated by the county auditor to average over the repayment period of each series as follows: ........ (insert the following for each series: "the ........ series, in a principal amount of ........ dollars, requiring ........ mills per dollar of tax valuation, which amounts to ........ (rate expressed in cents or dollars and cents, such as "36 cents" or "$1.41") for each one hundred dollars in tax valuation, commencing in ........ and first payable in ........)?"

and, unless the additional levy of taxes is not required pursuant to division (C) of section 3318.05 of the Revised Code,

"Shall an additional levy of taxes be made for a period of twenty-three years to benefit the ........ (here insert name of school district) school district, the proceeds of which shall be used to pay the cost of maintaining the classroom facilities included in the project at the rate of ........ (here insert the number of mills, which shall not be less than one-half mill) mills for each one dollar of valuation? For the bond issue Against the bond issue "

(B) If it is necessary for the school district to acquire a site for the classroom facilities to be acquired pursuant to sections 3318.01 to 3318.20 of the Revised Code, the district board may propose either to issue bonds of the board or to levy a tax to pay for the acquisition of such site, and may combine the question of doing so with the questions specified in division (A) of this section. Bonds issued under this division for the purpose of acquiring a site are a general obligation of the school district and are Chapter 133. securities. The form of that portion of the ballot to include the question of either issuing bonds or levying a tax for site acquisition purposes shall be one of the forms prescribed in division (D) of section 3318.06 of the Revised Code.

(C) Where the school district board chooses to combine the question in division (A) of this section with any of the additional questions described in divisions (A) to (D) of section 3318.056 of the Revised Code, the question specified in division (A) of this section to be voted on shall be "For the Bond Issues and the Tax Levies" and "Against the Bond Issues and the Tax Levies."

(D) If a majority of those voting upon a proposition prescribed in this section which includes the question of issuing bonds vote in favor of that issuance, and if the agreement prescribed in section 3318.08 of the Revised Code has been entered into, the school district board may proceed under Chapter 133. of the Revised Code with the issuance of bonds or bond anticipation notes in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Effective Date: 06-28-2002.