3321.10 Supervision of children employed on age and schooling certificates.

All parents, guardians, and other persons who have the care of children who are employed under age and schooling certificates shall cause them to attend a part-time day school or class for the full time that the school or class is in session whenever such part-time school or class has been established and is accessible to the child in the district where the child resides or is employed, unless the superintendent of schools determines that the child has already completed the same work as or work equivalent to that taken up in such part-time schools or classes as are available for the child to attend or that the bodily or mental condition of the child does not permit his attendance at such school or class. Such attendance shall begin within the first week of the school term or within one week after an age and schooling certificate is issued to a child. If a child resides in one school district and is employed in another he shall be under the jurisdiction of the district in which he is employed for the purpose of this section and the section 3321.08 of the Revised Code, unless by written excuse the superintendent of schools releases him to the jurisdiction of the district in which he resides.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.