3331.11 Records of age and schooling certificates.

Records shall be available from the office issuing the age and schooling certificate:

(A) Giving all the facts contained in every age and school certificate;

(B) The names and addresses of the children to whom certificates have been refused, together with the names of the schools and grades which such children should attend and the reasons for the refusal;

(C) All certificates no longer used, as provided in section 3331.02 of the Revised Code, with the reasons therefor, and the subsequent assignment of the child to a school;

(D) The conditions on which any certificates were issued;

(E) The pledge given in connection with the certificate;

(F) The special facts connected with the issuing of nonstandard or limited certificates. The superintendent of public instruction may prescribe methods for the filing, including electronic filing, of all such facts, records, and papers, for the purpose of effective reference. These records are not required in cases of certificates denied to those determined immediately at the time of inquiry to be of insufficient age.

Effective Date: 08-28-2002.