3332.01 Career colleges and schools definitions.

As used in this section and sections 3332.03 to 3332.99 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Agent" means any individual whose primary duties, performed while on or off school premises, include distribution of literature or information on behalf of a person offering a program, and the solicitation of prospective students in Ohio to enroll for a fee in a program.

(B) "Certificate of registration" means a certificate issued by the state board of career colleges and schools to the owner or operator of a for profit or nonprofit private career school located within or without the state of Ohio, that permits the school to solicit students and offer and maintain a program in Ohio.

(C) "Program" means a course of study, whether offered in a specific place, by correspondence using the mails, or by any other means of communication, designed to prepare students for potential employment in a recognized vocation, occupation, or profession at the certificate, diploma, or degree level.

(D) "Program authorization" means written notification by the board to a private career school granting approval for offering programs and awarding certificates, diplomas, or degrees.

(E) "Private career school" or "school" means a person possessing a certificate of registration and one or more program authorizations.

Effective Date: 04-03-2003.