3333.02 Board meetings and duties.

The Ohio board of regents shall hold its first meeting at the call of the governor, within three months after all members have been appointed and qualified. Meetings thereafter shall be called in such manner and at such times as prescribed by standards adopted by the board, but the board shall meet at least quarterly. A majority of the board constitutes a quorum. At its first meeting, the board shall organize by selecting a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a secretary, and such other officers as it deems necessary. The board shall adopt standards for the conduct of its business, and to provide for the term and election of officers, and shall establish an office in Columbus. The standards shall permit the formation of a quorum and the taking of votes at meetings conducted by interactive video teleconference if provisions are made for public attendance at any location involved in such a teleconference. A record shall be kept of board proceedings, which shall be open for public inspection. The board shall adopt a seal to be affixed to official documents. Each member of the board, before entering on official duties and after qualifying for office, shall take and subscribe to an oath of office, to uphold the constitution and laws of the United States and this state, and to perform the duties of office honestly, faithfully, and impartially.

Effective Date: 09-05-2001; 2007 HB2 05-15-2007.