3333.0411 Reports for teacher preparation programs.

Not later than December 31, 2014, and annually thereafter, the chancellor of higher education shall report for each approved teacher preparation program, the number and percentage of all graduates of the program who were rated at each of the performance levels prescribed by division (B)(1) of section 3319.112 of the Revised Code on an evaluation conducted in accordance with section 3319.111 of the Revised Code in the previous school year.

In no case shall the report identify any individual graduate. The department of education shall share any data necessary for the report with the chancellor.

Amended by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 64, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2015.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.128, SB 316, §101.01, eff. 9/24/2012.

Repealed by 129th General AssemblyFile No.127, HB 487, §105.01, eff. 9/10/2012.

Added by 129th General AssemblyFile No.28, HB 153, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2011.