3335.07 Annual report of trustees.

In its annual report the board of trustees of the Ohio state university shall state:

(A) The condition of the university;

(B) The amounts of receipts and disbursements, and for what the disbursements were made;

(C) The number of professors, officers, teachers, and other employees, and the position and compensation of each, the number of students in the several departments and classes, and the course of instruction pursued in each;

(D) An estimate of the expenses for the ensuing year;

(E) A statement showing the progress of the university, recording any improvements and experiments made, with their costs, and the results;

(F) Such other matters as are useful. The president shall transmit by mail one copy, respectively, to the secretary of the interior and the secretary of agriculture of the United States, and to each of the colleges which are or may be endowed under the federal act known as the "Agricultural College Act of 1862."

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.