3335.15 Colleges of medicine and dentistry.

The board of trustees of the Ohio state university may:

(A) Create, establish, provide for, and maintain in said university a college of medicine and a college of dentistry. No state funds shall be paid to such college of medicine unless it meets the requirements of section 3333.11 of the Revised Code.[;]

(B) Negotiate for and receive conveyances and transfers of property, both real and personal, to be used by said colleges;

(C) Accept the students now in attendance at any college of medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy whose property is so acquired, with the rank and standing as certified by the proper officers of such college;

(D) Take such steps as are necessary to protect the professional rights of the alumni of such colleges and their predecessors;

(E) Receive from such colleges such papers and records as are necessary for that purpose.

Effective Date: 10-09-1974.