3335.20 Department of ceramics.

The board of trustees of the Ohio state university shall establish a department of ceramics, equipped and designed for the technical education of clay, cement, and glass workers, in all branches of the art which exist in this state, or which profitably can be introduced and maintained in this state from the mineral resources thereof, including the manufacture of earthernwares, stonewares, pottery, yellowwares, whitewares, china, porcelain, and ornamental pottery, the manufacture of sewer pipe, fireproofing, terracotta, sanitary claywares, electric conduits and specialties, firebrick and all refractory materials, glazed and enameled bricks, pressed bricks, vitrified paving material as well as the most economic methods in the production of the coarser forms of bricks used for building purposes; and the manufacture of tiles used for paving, flooring, decorative wall paneling, roofing, and draining purposes; also the manufacture of cement, concrete artificial stone, and all kinds of glass products, and all other clay industries represented in this state.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.